Avatar In 2154, mankind has consumed all of the planet’s resources which has led to an extreme energy crisis. The Resources Development Administration (RDA) is the business that mines the mineral unobtanium. The company responsible for the depletion of the Earth’s natural resources.

To study the biosphere of Pandora, scientists use Na’vi-human hybrids called “avatars”. They are genetically matched human beings. Jake Sully, who is a paraplegic ex- Marine who takes over the role of his deceased identical twin brother in the position as the one who controls the. Dr. Grace Augustine, the head of the Avatar Program considers Sully an unsuitable replacement, yet she recognizes his role as bodyguard. Dr. Jake is attacked by the Pandoran wildlife , and is forced to flee into the forest. Neytiri, a Na’vi female is able to save him and bring him back to the family.

Colonel Miles Quaritch, the head of the RDA’s private security forces, promises Jake that the company’s legs will be restored when they discover more about the Na’vi as well as their place of gathering, the gigantic tree that is known as Hometree [3838. Quaritch also shows Jake’s assault on the bulldozer [3939] as well as another in the scene in which Jake declares that the Na’vi people will never leave Hometree.

Grace claims that the demise of Hometree could damage Pandora’s biological neural system. Selfridge gives Jake an hour to convince Na’vi to leave before they attack. They are then airlifted to Grace’s place of work. Grace is shot by Quaritch after she flees.

To regain the Na’vi’s trust, Jake connects his mind to the mind of Toruk the animal predator who is highly revered and honored by the Na’vi. Jake meets the refugees in the sacred Tree of Souls and pleads Mo’at to heal Grace. The clan tries to transfer Grace from her human body to her avatar using the assistance of the Tree of Souls, but Grace dies before the process is completed. Supported by the new chief, Tsu’tey Jake joins the clan and tells that they should gather the clans to defeat the RDA. Quaritch plans an attack in advance against the Tree of Souls, believing that its destruction will degrade the natives. The day before battle, Jake prays to Eywa by establishing an emotional connection with the Tree of Souls, to pray for the Na’vi.

The fight leaves the Na’vi with severe injuries. However, they are helped by Pandoran animals who join in the battle against the human race. This is the interpretation of Neytiri’s Jake’s prayer. Jake manages to destroy the bomber before the Tree of Souls can reach them. Quaritch manages to get away from the damaged aircraft and locates the avatar link device which held Jake’s corpse. Quaritch exposes the device’s avatar to Pandora’s poisonous atmosphere and is about to slit Jake’s throat. But Neytiri beats Quaritch by using two bows. Jake then sees his human form for the first time and is able to escape from the wreckage of his aircraft.

With the exceptions of Jake, Norm, and some other individuals, most humans are exiled from Pandora and are returned to Earth. Jake is permanently transformed into his new form through the Tree of Souls.


Avatar อวตาร


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